Modern Designs

Do you want a unique one-off luxury home design that maximises the value of your property investment, endures and serves your lifestyle for decades to come?

As Brisbane residential designers, we pride ourselves in designing luxury house plans and new contemporary homes to suit your lifestyle.

When it comes to our design philosophy it’s simple. We believe in quality of space over quantity of space. Less really is more. It’s knowing what’s important to you, and the outcomes you’re seeking.

Less is more, but more is not (always) less.

Form Follows Function but sometimes eclipses it.

Our luxury home design process will ignite your innovation and creativity, working with us to design spaces that are social, engaging and interactive. Our end game is to create spaces that endure the test of time, and add value to our client’s lifestyles and prosperity.

“Before putting pen to paper, I think a decade ahead. Will people still love this ten or twenty years into the future? What materials will endure and deliver a timeless appeal?

GAP DESIGN takes a holistic approach to designing your home from site analysis, climatic design considerations, not only do we handle all aspects of Building Design, we also incorporate recommendations on finishes and furnishings if required, from initial schematic design, through to specifications and comprehensive detailing.


Gap Design is committed to design excellence. Our enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail, together with a priority to listen, provide the necessary ingredients for successful and high quality, luxury home solutions.


  • empathy – we believe in listening to and understanding your needs
  • reliable – you can rely on us to respond responsibly to your requirements
  • efficient – we strive to be efficient at all times in every aspect of our service
  • creative/innovative/original, yet practical & functional
  • ecological– we believe in being ethical together with being socially and environmentally conscious
  • teamwork – we believe in working with your other consultants as required


Areas of expertise include;

  • bespoke luxury residential design
  • upmarket individual houses
  • multi-residential developments
  • high end residential renovation design