Project process

The project process can seem complex to someone who is unfamiliar with it but broken down into project stages it is easy to grasp. We at Gap Design will assist you through every stage of the building process.

Typical project process:


  1. Client contacts designer to check on the service they provide, the project process & fees
  2. Meeting with designer to discuss the client's ideas and requirements
  3. Designer discusses some layout & function options to guide the clients preferences
  4. Designer provides the client with an appointment letter noting the service as agreed
  5. Client pays "Proceed Deposit" to start the process officially.


  1. Measure of existing buildings
  2. Draw an AUTO CAD layout of the existing buildings
  3. Prepare an image / photo presentation of ideas for the design
  4. Prepare a sketch design / layout for the clients approval
  5. Complete changes as per the clients direction
  6. Prepare a 3d computer model of the design
  7. Complete a cardboard model of the design


  1. Prepare all technical drawings for certification
    1. Site plan
    2. Layout plans
    3. Elevations
    4. Sections
    5. Bracing ( in conjunction with Engineer )
    6. Electrical
    7. Drainage
    8. Structural layout
    9. Floor covering layout & area
    10. Details
  2. Meet client's agents for information co-ordination
  3. Manage, co-ordinate or appoint agent on behalf of client
  4. Obtain quotations for certification of drawings
  5. Obtain quotation regarding different building materials
  6. Detail drawings beyond certification
    1. Detailed layout drawings
    2. Detailed construction section
    3. Construction details
    4. Bathroom layouts and elevations
    5. Tiling layouts
    6. Bulkhead layouts
    7. Scope of works
    8. Finishes specification
  7. Cost estimation or obtaining of builders quotations


  1. Adjudication of builder and quotations assessment
  2. Co-ordination of builder or clients agents
  3. Build quality inspections and progress inspections
  4. Builder's payment evaluation
  5. Completion inspections and defect lists


All fees are based on the construction cost of the building. If you prefer to complete some of the work yourself to save costs, an agreement will be reached based on realistic market construction cost for the project, for fee quoting purposes.

Clients may select certain services to suit their budget. For example, many clients use our service up to Certification drawings only. This provides you with a economical but complete set of drawings for the certifier to approve and the builder to price and build from.

Fee breakdown New buildings Renovations
Consultation Free 45 min Free 45 min
Certification drawings 1.5% 2%
Working drawings & docs. 1.5% 2%
Site inspections 1.5% 2%